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The Game Room

  • asteroidsAsteroids

    Fly around in space and shoot the asteroids. Every 10,000 points earns a bonus ship!
    Controls: Left arrow key=turn left; Right arrow key=turn right; Up arrow key=thrust forward; Space=fire missile; Shift key=hyperspace; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • froggerFrogger

    Carefully guide the frog across traffic and over the water to safety.
    Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys=move frog; Spacebar or P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • pongPong

    Use your paddle to hit the square ball back at your opponent. It can't get much more simple than this!
    Controls: Mouse=move paddle up/down.

  • simonSimon

    Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them. Simon says…
    Controls: Mouse=click on the flashing buttons; R key=red button; G key=green button; B key=blue button; Y key=yellow button.

  • snakeSnake

    Guide the snake to eat the food. Be careful…the more you eat the longer you grow!
    Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys=move snake; Spacebar or P key=pause/unpause.

  • space invadersSpace Invaders

    Use your ship to shoot the aliens before they get you. A classic shoot 'em up!
    Controls: Left arrow key=move left; Right arrow key=move right; Spacebar=fire laser; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit.

  • tetrisTetris

    Arrange the falling blocks in rows and don't let them pile all the way to the top of the screen or you'll lose!
    Controls: Left arrow key=move shape left; Right arrow key=move shape right; Down arrow key=drop shape faster; X or Up arrow key=rotate clockwise; Z key=rotate counter-clockwise; P key=pause/unpause; Q key=quit; M key=mute/unmute.

  • tic-tac-toeTic-Tac-Toe

    Get three X's in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row to win. Play against the computer or a friend.
    Controls: Mouse=place X or O in a square.

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The orthodontic practice of Dr. Adam Hall and Dr. Hal Koppel provides quality orthodontics for children, teens, and adults in Hot Springs, Arkadelphia, and Malvern, AR (Arkansas). Drs. Hall and Koppel specialize in orthodontics, offering Invisalign, Damon System, and clear braces. Contact our practice to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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